SayReal is a pop-reggae group based out of Los Angeles, CA. Established in 2016, the band is fronted by vocal/bass powerhouse Naia Keté. On drums/guitar/vocal is her long-time partner Lee John. On drums/keys/vocals, her younger brother Imani Elijah.

Together the group creates deeply impactful and genuine music, with an undeniably real thread running down the center. This comes across effortlessly for the listener in the self-written, recorded, and produced material, as well as the mightily dynamic, even transcendent live performances.

Having such deep love and family ties within fuels the meaning and importance of the musical mission SayReal is on – To create unique and genuine communicative art, ushering in an era of consciousness and revolution back into popular culture.

Naia has been on stage from the very beginning of her life. Performing as a young girl with her brother Imani in their first group Children of the Most High, and with her parent’s roots-reggae band Black Rebels.
At the age of 17 Naia released her debut solo EP ‘Sweet Music’ and began touring the country. For her second release “Fire Breather” she enlisted Mikal Blue to produce, and co-wrote songs with Linda Perry and Colbie Caillat. After a successful run on NBC’s The Voice, she found herself sharing stages with everyone from Rebelution to Paul McCartney. Once Naia wowed audiences at Bonnaroo it wasn’t long before signing a publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis.
Back and forth between Los Angeles and Nashville, Naia worked with many songwriters and producers which allowed her to develop a crsytalized idea of her sound and message as an artist. It was these experiences that cultivated the foundation that SayReal is built upon.
In the group Naia is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and front woman. Dedicated to living a life and career fueled by music and revolution.

Born into a musical family as well, Lee has been playing drums from a very early age. Father Earl Slick (guitar, David Bowie, John Lennon) and Mother Jean Millington (bass/vocals, Fanny) gave Lee his first set of drums on his 2nd birthday.
At age 13 he joined his mother Jean’s band with her sister June Millington, and began recording and touring with them. At age 16 he began recording with his Father, playing drums on a song written and performed by Slick and Robert Smith (The Cure).
From there Lee moved into guitar, bass, singing, songwriting, and eventually recording and producing. Engineering and co-producing Naia’s debut solo EP in 2008 became a stroke of fate, and set the course for the eventual formation of SayReal.
Lee’s skills as an engineer/producer/songwriter give SayReal the tools required to be the formidable, self- contained musical force that it is. His staunch dedication to quality and meaning in artistic expression is part of what keeps SayReal on course for their mission to redefine the meaning of ‘Pop’.
Lee still plays drums with his father on occasion, touring with the David Bowie Alumni band, A Bowie Celebration.


Brother of band member Naia, Imani is a drummer, keyboardist, singer and songwriter.
Being born into a musical family, Imani came into his talent very early on. By age 9 he became the drummer for Black Rebels and was quickly known as one of the fiercest young players in the roots reggae scene.
Throughout high school he toured the country multiple times, sang in an acapella group and was the drum captain for a west African drum and dance ensemble co-directed by Naia and their mother, Kalpana Devi.
After moving to Los Angeles with Naia and Lee John, Imani threw himself into being a drummer for the people, dominating the streets of Santa Monica and Venice. His relentless dedication to connecting to his audience on such an intimate level has given him invaluable insight into what and why something hits. He brings this perspective, endless creativity, and 10,000 hours of practice into his work with SayReal.