Are We Black Enough To Sing This?

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Not long ago, we released our music video for “Frederick’s Song (Freedom)” based on the life and teachings of abolitionist and civil rights pioneer Frederick Douglass and couldn’t have been more excited. It is all about tolerance and fighting for the cultural, political, financial and social freedoms for everyone, but ironically, we were confronted with the very persecution we were fighting against. Questioning our heritage, we were called everything from “not black enough” to “whitewashed.”

It was a learning experience, to say the least. Yes two of us in SayReal are actually African-American, and we are all biracial – but we all do have light skin. To sing a song about freedom, Frederick Douglass, slavery…it was a trigger for some and understandably so. Do we have the “right” to speak about something we may or may not have experienced for ourselves? Even if we have, certainly not to the extent that other people of color in this country have had to endure. It almost felt like a test. Would we stand by the work and message we had so carefully crafted?

On the flip side the outpouring of love and support for us, our work, and the disdain for  comments like the ones mentioned was truly overwhelming and gave us just what we needed to strengthen our resolve. In all truthfulness, the controversy helped us to have a deeper understanding of what it means to be free, and the responsibility that we as artists have to give voice to the voiceless as well as have compassion for all points of view. Even those that are not our own. We had incredible opportunity to spread our message even further; it is about uniting, not dividing – and giving each other the freedom to be who we are. In some were actually able to change the opinions of some people who were once preaching hateful comments, by staying in our truth while also listening and being open to finding common ground. We would love for you to watch, listen and share our song, and if you like it get a copy of our album Unarmed and Ready. Because as Frederick said, “I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong”.

Here’s to redefining the mainstream.

Love & Music,

– SayReal

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  • Jean Hanlon says:

    I love that you took the time an thought out what you were doing with that song, but what some people are forgetting is that this is America and we have the right to speak and sing freely. Stand strong. Your song is of good will and you don’t have to be any specific skin color to sing what’s in your heart.

  • Liz says:

    I don’t know why it’s auch a big deal… For the people who hated you for releasing that/these song/s, neither why it is for you… And besides that you can speak/sing freely, what doesn’t matter to me, you guys should be aware of who you are (I bet you are). You know you’re biracial, so you also know that you’re part of two cultures, that’s not only what makes You special, that’s something no one can take away from you. It’s your power, which can be used to make people come together as one, what you did by releasing these songs. I am biracial too, and “not being black/white enough” is a struggle we have to face, maybe, for the rest of our lives. I stopped caring about those people. If you’re proud to be “black” AND “white”, if you’re proud of the cultures you’re involved in, you can do what you want, as long as you’re not insulting any of these “sides”, what would be ridiculous because you’re part of both… I said “sides” because things got like this because of that afrocentric movement, which is getting bigger and bigger, like the groups of racist people. Somehow “black” people force us “mixed kids” to choose a side, which is causing that some even lose their identity, WE ARE BOTH, WE ARE MIXED, why we should choose? I didn’t fought for being accepted as “both” or “black” just to choose a side now. You shouldn’t have to choose, and you don’t have to.

    So f*ck the haters.

    I was more proud to be “black”, than I was to be “white” because of the racism I have experienced.
    These kind of people (the haters you talked about) let me question that. I was proud because I thought “we’re” kinder, more open hearted, than “them”. And that I have to use “we”/”them”, “black”/”white” shows we are ALL are making more than one step backwards, this is just crazy and sad.

    So stay proud, go on, do more of what you are doing, keep your heads up und just keep loving! Spread the awareness of that WE are ALL ONE, instead of worrying about what others say, no one can take away what’s INSIDE of us, what’s in our minds, hearts and even in our blood. We did not chose to be born this way, but it’s who are. And if you guys choose to express both “sides”, you can, that’s your power. No one can question ir hate you/us for that…
    I am sorry that You’re facing these struggles right now..

    Jah bless!!

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