Being Thankful Is So Hot Right Now

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Hello friends and families,

Thanksgiving is here and per usual, get ready for the annual deluge of thankfulness-mongering that comes along with the year’s most thankful time.  Every facebook status will be lit up with photos, videos,  and memes with novel-length captions about our most precious of appreciations.  Not to mention the endless feed of puppy and kitten videos.  Gotta love em.

As we wade through this initial outpouring of holiday-spirit, I beg to ask a question.  

Not to be a buzz kill,  but isn’t it a bit sobering to remember that for the rest of the year, many of us forget the things we are thankful for? We trudge along, head-down, barreling through one day to the next just trying to get to the end of the year so we can be thankful and celebratory again from October 31st to January 1st.  To me it seems odd.  

Not to say I don’t love the holidays (I’m actually super obsessed, with Christmas especially just ask my Mom) but to say: I’d love it if we could all try to approach the rest of the year with an at least similar outlook as we do during these most happy of times.  

Of course, let’s save that extra fancy bottle of wine for Thanksgiving dinner.  Let’s give the beautiful cards and make sure to tell everyone how much we love them on Christmas morning.  But while we’re literally showering in gifts, beer, turkey, consumerism and good old fashioned american fun, why not remember that yes, gratitude is so hot right now, but maybe we shouldn’t let it go too far out of style for the rest of the 365 days we are blessed with every year.  

Sincerely from me to you and yours,


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