It’s My Almost My Birthday and I’m Freaking Out…Again

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I’m having a block around this blog you guys. As I often do when things get real and personal and feel just very…big. But I’m going to try and pull something out for you anyways cause you deserve it and there is something bubbling underneath the surface…I guess I just need to keep writing till […]

Take The Win

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Lee says this to me a lot. It’s become a phrase to calm me down when I’m spinning out of control. It’ll be the end of the day. I will have gotten up somewhere around 6:30, worked, gone to the gym for a couple hours, come home, more work, meal prep for the day, maybe […]

Being Thankful Is So Hot Right Now

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  Hello friends and families, Thanksgiving is here and per usual, get ready for the annual deluge of thankfulness-mongering that comes along with the year’s most thankful time.  Every facebook status will be lit up with photos, videos,  and memes with novel-length captions about our most precious of appreciations.  Not to mention the endless feed […]

The Shadow Side of Being Thankful

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How many times have you said it? I’m so grateful for this, thankful for that, blessed to have him or her or them in my life. When you say it…does it ever feel…empty? I know it does for me at times. Of course I’m grateful. I’m grateful for my family, friends and fans, the roof […]


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Yo RealSayers! Lee John back with some thoughts on D.I.Y. Do it (yer damn) Self. Everything that SayReal does is done by us. We write, record, produce, mix and master our music on our own. We book our own shows, drive ourselves to them before setting up and hauling our own gear. Not to mention […]

To be or not to be who I pretend to be?

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Maybe it’s where I am at in life, maybe it’s Halloween being just around the corner, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the different masks I wear. Do they work in my favor or against me? Are they dangerous or can they be liberating? I’ve come to the conclusion that it depends on which […]

LJ On the new record, musical a.d.d., and staying stoked

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What’s up everyone, Lee John here with some news and insights you may find nuggety and intriguing. So we’ve been working really really hard on this new album (as yet untitled but I promise it’ll be a good one). We’re EXTREMELY excited about it you guys and I cannot wait til it’s done and out […]

Are We Black Enough To Sing This?

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Not long ago, we released our music video for “Frederick’s Song (Freedom)” based on the life and teachings of abolitionist and civil rights pioneer Frederick Douglass and couldn’t have been more excited. It is all about tolerance and fighting for the cultural, political, financial and social freedoms for everyone, but ironically, we were confronted with […]

Who The F*#% Says We’re Not Mainstream!?

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Well a lot of people actually. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Naia Kete. I’m the lead singer in SayReal and when I first moved to Los Angeles there were a number of A&R’s who told me I wasn’t a mainstream artist…Like Aaron Bay-Schuck. I met with him right after he signed Bruno […]