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Yo RealSayers!
Lee John back with some thoughts on D.I.Y. Do it (yer damn) Self.

Everything that SayReal does is done by us. We write, record, produce, mix and master our music on our own. We book our own shows, drive ourselves to them before setting up and hauling our own gear. Not to mention the actual performing of the music. We built this website, took all of the photos on it, and we write every single blog and email that gets sent out to you. I believe we really take this whole D.I.Y. thing pretty dang seriously.

That being said, do we really want to be doing all of this on our own? Hell no! I think I can speak for us when I say all that we want is to: make music, surf, blaze, travel and chill. Oh and read books. That’s the life right? That’s the dreeeeam duuuude. Or is it?

Sometimes I think about what it would be like… like if some magic carpet of destiny floated down from the sky out of a flying elephants ass and blessed me with all the things I ever wanted. How awesome would that be? How awesome would it be to not have put in years of hard work, sacrifice, sweat, blood, and tears just to make it to the place I am now, which is not even where I really want to be? Wouldn’t it be dope to have money falling out of places I didn’t know I had, and millions of screaming fans smothering me every time I wanna take a walk down to the local starbucks for mocha choca frappafuckingchino??

That all sounds really fun. However, if I didn’t have to go through all the hard stuff to get what I have now, I’m pretty sure I’d be a spoiled, ego-maniacally petulant little dickhead (hmm sound familiar Mr. President?). Furthermore, what happens to the world when I’m wielding the power that comes along with millions of fans and millions of dollars? Am I going to put out music that is designed only to sell, by perpetuating the banal and empty repetition we have all so blindly become accustomed to? Without the humility born only from toil and years of effort, I fear anyone who holds such blessings is in danger of misusing them…

So this is why myself and the band SayReal decide to keep our operation independent. By you buying our music and merch, coming to our shows, sharing us with your friends and following us on social media, you are directly contributing to us and our mission to bring meaningful music back into Pop culture. And hey, when we blow up and take the world by storm in a massive and historic unification of humankind, you can say “Hey I helped them D.I.Y.!”.

Thank you for helping us redefine the mainstream.


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