Take The Win

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Lee says this to me a lot. It’s become a phrase to calm me down when I’m spinning out of control. It’ll be the end of the day. I will have gotten up somewhere around 6:30, worked, gone to the gym for a couple hours, come home, more work, meal prep for the day, maybe do a quick photo shoot, head to a gig, bring my laptop with me so of course I can do more work between sets, come home and at the end of all that I’m completely overwhelmed with all the the To-Do’s I still have swirling in my head and I’m bitching because “I didn’t get enough done.” It’s laughable as I sit here and write it down.

It used to be that Lee would have to sit here and remind me of everything I had accomplished throughout the day. He’d tell me make a list so the To-Do’s are no longer something I’m obsessing over into the night, and he’d congratulate me on being a bad ass. He’s a pretty incredible boyfriend, musical and business partner isn’t he? All girls need a Lee…(***Feminists, do not get mad. I’m not saying women need men to succeed, I just think that everyone woman deserves to have someone in their life to remind her that she can do anything.)

But now all Lee has to say to me when I’m in that place is “Take The Win.” I’m telling you this because we’re nearing the end of the year, and it’s a time when we look back on what we did or did not make happen and we set new goals and resolutions. Whenever you do that, if you ever find yourself getting overwhelmed by how much you DID NOT get done, I want there to be this little voice in your head to remind you of everything you DID make happen. Really take some time focusing on what you accomplished and celebrate it. Take some time to be proud, to feel worthy, to be strong and ready for the next challenge. You deserve it.

And if you’re lucky enough to have someone like Lee in your life…maybe give him or her a little extra love this Holiday season. Cause who would we be without each other?

Love & Music,

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